Our current lead time, as of January 2020, is +/- 5 months. (deposit required)

The best thing you can do if you are interested in our services is to check out this website, look at our gallery, and look at the services and products we offer. We do our best to help potential clients invision their future buildouts, but we are a small team and in high demand. Serious inquires should schedule an appointment and have an idea of what we offer. 



Our services cover a wide spectrum of customizations. Each project meets our exacting standards of quality, whether it is a simple add-on or an extensive complete conversion limited only by your budget. Conversions can include a combination of exterior modifications, interior modifications, electrical, plumbing, upholstery and accessories like awnings, roof racks, ladders, and much more. There is a very long list of what we can do, and we’re always up for any and every challenge. You can see custom examples of how we’ve helped others achieve their vision by viewing our galleries.


BRAV is not limited to just upfitting for recreational vehicle purposes: We also do commercial work for universities, food and beverage distributors, and food trucks. Our skilled team is able to handle many requests and is always glad to talk with you about your organization’s needs to see how we can help you.


Because the nature of our work is tailored to each individual, we first need to talk with you about your goals before we are able to put a price tag on your vision. So get in touch and we’ll explain our process and see if you’re ready to move through the next steps. This will include getting an idea of your budget, setting realistic expectations of what work BRAV can do that will fit within that budget, and from there, putting you on the road to your own custom adventures. You can also visit our Pricing Guide to get an idea of what the different features and components will cost.   

Cost of Build-Outs

Basic $5,000-$10k
Weekender $10,000 - $25k
Middle of the Road $25,000 - $45k
High Altitude $45,000+


Our Process

Our process is simple. Each project is new and unique, each owner with different needs, so each build starts with discussing what it is you want, the features you need. Then we put together an estimate working hard to remain within budget while ensuring nothing is overlooked. We use only the highest quality components and pride ourselves on our work. If you have questions you may find the answers here, in our Frequently Asked Questions

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Conversions, Exterior Modifications, Interior Modifications, Electrical, Upholstery

The BRAV challenge: If you’ve not yet found what you’re looking for on our website or you have some questions, contact us and let’s talk about what you want! We’ll do our absolute best to help you: We like BRAV challenges nearly as much as the most difficult, dangerous trail.