Pricing Guide


Because the nature of our work is tailored to each individual, we first need to talk with you about your goals before we are able to put a price tag on your vision. So get in touch and we’ll explain our process and see if you’re ready to move through the next steps. This will include getting an idea of your budget, setting realistic expectations of what work BRAV can do that will fit within that budget, and from there, putting you on the road to your own custom adventures. 

Cost of Build Outs

Basic Trillium - Sandy - Little Blizzard $5000 - $10k
Weekender Rambler - Sand Hill - Sunburst $10,000 - $25k
Middle of the Road SurfSUP - Snow Drifter - Thunder Valley $25,000 - $45k
High Altitude BRAVone - Dark Matters - White Whale $45k +


Product price guide

This page is intended as a product guide to give prospective clients an idea of the features available and their basic costs. These prices do not include labor and are not intended for use as a final estimation of project costs. Pricing on specific parts can vary from our estimates for a number of reasons including but not limited to price changes at the manufacturer, the need for custom manufacture and the needs of the individual project. Below you will find a listing of the manufacturers we use for our components along with a basic price range for each and links to the manufacturers website. If you have questions about us or our process don't hesitate to contact us. You can also find pictures of our vans highligthing these and other features common to our builds here, in our Gallery


  • WE ONLY USE PARTS THAT WE ORDER DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER OUSELVES and delivered by mail/UPS/insured delivery. This is to ensure quality control and to maintain manufacturer warranty. Parts can be damaged in shipment therefore we inspect each component thouroughly before installation and returned if damaged. We install components only to manufacturer specifications. 


Product Description Price Range
Exterior Accessories    
ARB Awnings, tents, storage bags, and other offroad accessories $100 - $3500
Fiamma  Awnings in a variety of styles $800++
Kelty Tents, shelters, canopy $80+
Yakima Awnings, racks, tents, and gear storage solutions $50 - $2000+
Thule Bags, awnings, vehicle storage racks, etc.. $50 - $2000
Dometic They make a ton of stuff for the adventure lifestyle including awnings $200 - $3000
EuroCampers Van and camping accessories $50++
RB Compnents  Accessories, components and cabinets  $50++
Roam Built Ladders, boxes, bumpers, ets.. $500+
Titan Vans Water tanks, heaters, cabinetry and other van accessories $250++
Owl Vans Ladders, tire carriers, roof racks, and gear haulers $1500+
Roofnest The highest quality in roof top tents $2500++
TerraWagen Snorkles, Fender flares, Winow vents, and other accessories $199+
Aluminess Racks, winch bumpers, and tire carries $500+
Van Compass Bumpers, tire/gear carriers, and lift kits $200++
Sprinter Upgrades Seat swivels, screens, and 4wd accessories  $250+
Vantech Roof racks, shelving, and tie down solutions $500+
Flarespace Flares for window openings and bed loft systems $1000+
Specialized Applications Powered running boards, rear steps, and skid plates  
Electrical Components    
AM solar Solar panels,batteries, invertors, and electrical necessities $100 - $500+
Goal Zero Off grid power solutions and accessories $500 - $4000
Magnum Inverters DC to AC power inverters $800 -$2500
Renogy Solar systems, kits, and gear $1000 -$3000
Xantrex DC to AC power inverters $500 - $1500
Progressive Dynamics AC/DC Distribution panels, converters and charges $75 - $300
Victron Lithium ion battery systems and solar systems $1800 - $10,000
Blue Sea Electrical system components $25++
AGM Duracell Batteries to power your vehicle and ALL its components $250+
Marinco Marine grade shore connections $50+
Zamp Solar High quality solar solutions made in the USA $1000 - $3000
Continental Batteries Victron energy components and accessories  $1000+
Nova Kool Refridgerators for RV and marine use $600 - $1800
Engel Coolers Top loading electric cooler/refrigerators $600 - $1200
Dometic Fridges and Freezers $400++
ARB Adventure ready fridges and freezers $700+
AC / Heat / Vent    
Coleman Mach series RV specific AC untits from Coleman $400 - $1000+
Dometic AC, awnings and kitchen/galley supplies for RV living $600 - $1000+
Cruise n Comfort 12V AC units and supplies for RV and boats $4000 - $5500
MaxxAir  Get fresh airflow into or exhaust bad air out, even in the rain $400 - $1500
Hella fans Small fans that create tremendous air flow $50 - $1200
Espar Heaters Heaters and heating systems $2000++
Webasto Heating Climate solutions for recreational vehicles $2000++
ProAir Rooftop AC with all electric options $3500+
ITC LED and lighting fixtures $20 - $100
Hella High performance lights for all vehicles $40 - $100
Arsenal Offroad High performance LED lights $40 - $150
Lightronic Lighting and control systems $20 - $500+
Plumbing and Fixtures    
Pelland Enterprises Full line of RV parts and accessories $100 - $5000
Thetford Sinks and toilets $100 - $300
Sierra Engineering Aftermarket replacement parts and accessories $50 ++
Dometic Sinks, accessories, fixtures $200 - $400
Webasto Dual top water/heater systems $3000 +/-
Road Shower Pressurized solar heated shower shystems $300 +/-
Eberspecher Hydronic water/heater systems $4000 +/-
The BoonJon Composting Toilet $600+
Dry Flush Dry flushing toilets $600+
Lagun Lagun table systems and mounts allow for a movable work surface  $200+
Water Tanks    
Garnet Technologies water level instruments $100 - $500
Plastic Mart water tanks $300 - $1500
US Plastics fresh, gray, and black water tanks $25+
Titan Vans Water tanks for over wheel well installations.  $400+
Windows and Portholes    
CR Laurence Custom and universal windows for Sprinters, Transit connects, etc.. $200 - $1000+
AM Auto Glass Custom automotive window and glass  $200 - $1000+
Tern Overland Acrylic windows, window components, hatches and doors $70 - $1300
Havelock Wool A sustainable insulation choice with many performance benifits $350 - $500
3M Thinsulate Moisture resistant high performance synthetic insulation from 3M $500+/-
Hushmat Thermal and sound deadening material  $150+
Ecobatt Inexpensive and ecofriendly batting and insulation batting $50 - $150
Reflectix Foam Ecofriendly reflective foil insulation products $50+/-
Rattletrap Thermal break and sound dampening insulation $200 - $400
Fabrics and Cushions    
Colton Mattress Superior sleep systems and custom mattresses hand made in Asheville, NC $1500+
J Ennis Fabrics Reliable, comfortable performance fabrics $15 - $50 yd
Freedam Seating High quality seating that is made in the USA $600 - $2000+
Superior Seats Seating and benches in a variety of styles $600 - $2000+
Suburban Seating Foldaway, captains, and bench seating options $800+
Scheel-Mann Specialty seating out of Stuttgart Germany $1000+
Lift Kits / Suspension    
U-joint Offroad AWD transit lift as well as bumpers, roof racks, and accessories for most vans $500++
Van Compass Suspension and body lifts for adventure vans $500++
Specialized Applications Lift accessories including skid plates $100+
Wilderness Van Off/On road solutions for adventure vans   
Build Kits    
Adventure Wagon Loft beds, bunks, and soft storage systems $400 - $3000+
OWL vans Gear hauling solutions, sherpa rack, ladders, etc. $1400
RB components Galley kitchen, wall, closet, and specialty cabinets $500 - $4000+
Flatline Van Co. Prebuilt cabinetry, ladders, and racks $500+
ZenVanz Complete build kits $18k+
Flarespace Interior panel kits $5,000+
TSW Black Rhino Arsenal for Sprinter, ProMaster, Transit and other vans $250+