Our Process

Each of our vans is a fully customized conversion so each project is unique. That being said there are some things about each build that are the same. 

  1. Contact BRAV
  2. If you have a van that's great, we can get started organizing your project. If you don't we can offer suggestions to help you choose the one that is right for you. Everyone's needs are different and there are many vans to choose from. We can help narrow down the best choices based on what you want your conversion to do, how much room you need and your target budget. 
  3. To get a firm estimate and reserve you place in our queue it will require a deposit. Deposits range from $200 to $500 and will be deducted from the total. Please understand that we are very busy and only entertain serious inquiries. For more on this process please visit our FAQ's page. You can also visit our Pricing Guide to get an idea what the different features and components will cost.
  4. When your van project estimate is finalized you reserve your place in our queue. When the start time for your project approaches you will be required to provide an additional deposit for parts and half the labor. 
  5. When we receive the 2nd deposit we will order all components and parts required for your van converion. Some parts are readily available and some are custom and must be made by the manufacturer. We will also make final arrangement for van delivery, drop off or pick-up. We do not supply vans. 
  6. When your parts and components arrive each will be thouroughly inspected for quality and damage. Sub-par and components damaged in shipping are often the biggest drag on your projects timeline, your deposit helps ensure any issues that may arise can be handled in a timely manner. 
  7. The build. Each build is different so estimating an actual time line is reserved for your individual project estimate. That being said small projects like windows, awnings, ventilation fans and other bolt-on or add-ons can be accomplished in as little as a half day up to a week. Microcampers, weekenders and expediter vans can be completed in as little as 2-3 weeks up to a month or 2 depending on the comlexity of the project. Full conversion take long, up to 5 months in some cases. You can vist our Gallery for a look at what we do. 
  8. For full conversions we start from the chassis. We remove any seating, wall coverings or other interior features in order to install insulation and lay the ground work for your vans electrical and plumbing infrastructure. Your vans plumbing, water tanks, electrical systems and other infrastructure are hidden within or behind cabinets and seating. 
  9. We only use the highest quality components purchased directly from the manufacturer and installed per their specifications to guarantee quality and integrity of the product. 
  10. All cabinetry is custom made in shop by one of our trusty carpenters. Cabinets are visually appealing as well as functional providing ample storage for whatever need.
  11. When your van is completed we put it through rigourous testing to make sure the quality of the build, the systems and components. 
  12. When we are satisfied with your build your van will be ready for pick up. Final payment is due at that time and will include NC sales tax of 7% on parts and labor. 
  13. We recommend a 2 to 3 day shakedown trip somewhere within our area of operation. This is to give you time to learn your van and become comfortable with its operation while remaining close to our shop so we can address any issues if they should arise.