Building with BRAV

At Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles we work hard to make our clients comfortable throughout the build process. We select quality products with trusted build quality. While there are a lot of similiar looking products out there they aren't all made for adventuring, and these products can delay installs. When using our selected products, such as, vent fans, flooring, heaters, windows, seat swivels, roof racks, ladders, etc., the build process moves a litter easier and we provide warranties for BRAV selected materials. A vendor list can be found on our price guide page.

Bringing personal building materials or requesting the use of components that we haven't tested will add to the cost of a build. We don't guarantee personal building materials and we charge a storage/inventory fee and we claim no responsibility for damage during storage or installation. Those hand-made porcelain tiles, and heirloom light fixures might not be adventure worthy. 

BRAV build contract 

Materials are estimated but are representative of expected materials. Final invoiced materials will be at retail depending on actual project expenses.  Labor is applicable to work involved in the estimate and does not change unless project is altered from estimated. Deposit consists of estimated materials cost (less tax) and 1/2 labor. Remaining labor, tax and calculated materials due at delivery. 

Estimates are good for 60 days from date issued. 

Estimates can be modified only twice.

1 year warranty on craftsmanship and manufactures warranties on all products. 

Change orders will be done on a separate invoice paid in full before work is initiated.

We accept cash or check only.