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These are our answers to frequently asked questions from our customers. If you can't find the answer to your question here don't hesitate to contact us. 

Labor estimates are for empty cargo vans, no interior paneling  or insulation being removed: 

  1. large window install: $375 + parts
  2. small window install: $325 + parts
  3. bonded window install $450 + parts
  4. Maxxair vent fan install (rough in, no electrical hookup) $350 + parts
  5. Awning on factory roof ProMaster: $225 + parts
  6. Awning on factory roof Sprinter with tracks: $225 + parts
  7. Awning on factory roof Sprinter w/o tracks: $300 + parts
  8. Awning on factory roof Transit (High Roof only) $600 + parts (a roof rack purchase (medium/low roof transit) is required and will add to cost) 
  9. Ladder install $175 - $250 depends on location and manufacturer 
  10. Seat swivel in Sprinter $125 each/per seat + parts (non electrical seats) prices vary 
  11. Seat swivels in Transit $175 each + parts (non electrical seat) We don't install swivels on driver seat) 
  12. AC rough in (no electrical hookup) $400 + parts

Can we just order parts for you? Yes! check the links in our price guide and send us an email of what you'd like us to order. 

Can we install your Harbor Freight solar system? No, we only work with parts from our list of vendors. 

Do we convert School buses? Not at this time, they take up too much room in our shop. If you'd like parts for you bus we can help. 

Do we sell vans?Yes, check our for sale page for vans for sale

Do we accept credit cards? No

Do we offer financing? No

Can we help you install a part you bought from our list of vendors? Yes, our consultation fee is $150/hour. 

Can we help you with a layout for your potential build? Yes, Our consultation fee is $150/hour.

  • How long depends on the project. Small jobs can be as short as 1/2 day up to 5 days, full conversions can take 3 to 5 months depending on features and the availability of product.
  • We do any vehicle customization you can think of. Approved designs on ProMaster and Sprinter cargo vans only
  • You supply the van. If you do not already have a van we can offer suggestions to help choose a style and model to fit your needs. 
  • Vans can be delivered, shipped or picked up within reasonable range. 
  • Each van is fully tested by our staff. We also suggest that you remain within our area for a 2 to 3 day test run following pick-up. This will help ensure you are comfortable with your vans operation and we are able to address any issues that may arise. 
  • You can visit our Pricing Guide to get an idea for prices on different features and components.  
  • We work hard to remain within our budget, once given you can expect your project total to be that amount. Add-ons and changes will be handled under a different invoice and deposit. When thinking about making changes to estimates or ongoing projects; bolt-on items are easier to alter, remove or add. Structural and infrastructure items are often not possible to change, or come at significant additional cost. 
  • When it is time for your van project to begin a 2nd deposit is required for the parts and 1/2 labor. Once received we will order all necessary components so that we can get started as quickly as possible. 
  • NC charges sales tax of 7% on parts and labor and will be added to your final bill.